I have a very soft spot for quick games and with good reason, they are easy to get people interested, the set up is fast and its takes nothing to explain the rules to get started. Scattegories is a great classic, but sometimes you want something a bit lighter, faster and with a tiny bit of violence. It really is amazing how many games have an element of pain. This is a speed game that takes the elements that you like from Scattegories and presents it in a different way. This is 2 or more players for teens to adults. There isn’t really a limit of how many can play, but the more players the harder it will be for everyone to reach the mat.

This game says it’s for teens and adult. I don’t see a lot of issues with kids coming up with answers. However, when you play competitively, those slaps can become pretty aggressive so I can see why they left the kids out of this one.

The game has a simple set up, place the slap mat in the middle of the table. Shuffle each deck of cards and place face up in the card holder. To get you started take a random card from each deck and place face down on top of the piles. When everyone’s ready, turn those top cards over and begin.

I know! a sparrow!

This is a fast paced game with everyone playing at the same time.  The goal is to think of a combo that works with the letter and subject card on the table.  The first player with an answer will slap the mat, say “i know” and give an answer.

Other players will judge if it’s close but it will most likely go to the person’s hand who’s on the bottom.

The winner than will take one of the cards and place it in front of them.  Once that card is gone, it reveals a new combo and the game continues.

There’s a couple things to keep in mind.  You must say “i know” first.  If you don’t, you will have to give back one of your collected cards.  If you slap the mat without having an answer, that hesitation will also cost you a card.  Finally do not repeat the same answer for the same category more than once.  

The winner in the end is simply the person with the most cards.

Easy, fast and a great game when you want something lighter and a bit quicker than scattegories.


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