Ages 8 and up, 4 to 8 players, however I have played this with more.

Let’s start with how to play, the “blurbler” places the stack between themselves and the player to their left.  When the two players are ready a card is flipped over, the first person to say a word that starts with the same first letter as the picture on the card wins and gets to keep the card for a point.

The “blurbler” they place a card and play against the next player clockwise and plays another card.  This continues until it makes it all the way around the table.  Once they played everyone at the table the person to the left becomes the new “blurbler” and starts the next round.

The player with the most cards at the end wins.  

This is a simple game thats easy for all ages to understand, it’s very easy to make your own variations for game play.  I played this with a bunch of adults at a cottage and instead of one person going around the entire table, we just played the person to our left, in that case it worked because so many people were coming in and out of the game.  We also had the rule to not use a word twice.

There’s definitely ways to adjust the rules for who’s playing, you can make the game harder for adults by limiting the amount of legal words that can be used but not limiting kids.  For adults you can make the words more difficult by setting the rule that words need to be over five or six letters.  The game is so simple theres not really anything you can add that will mess up the game, it’s very accommodating.  

I don’t have kids so this isn’t really a go to game for me, but it is one i have on hand for any situation where you’re playing with the family or a younger group. So I would definitely recommend this for anyone planning a family game night or a kids party.

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