Anomia X

Anomia X is a for 3 to 6 players, this version is for the older crowd, 18 and up. Last year I wrote about the regular version of Anomia. This version plays the same so you can read that post, linked here for the rules.

The only difference between the original version and this one are the cards. A lot of games now seem to be coming out with dark versions more for an adult crowd. Out of those this tops my if you are looking for something a bit more spicy to play with your friends.

A couple of card examples here to get feel for some of the prompts:

  • Poker Hand
  • Magic Word
  • Cause of Death
  • B movie
  • Vomit Sound
  • Poison
  • F-word
  • Famous Orphan
  • Rude Gesture
  • Marijuana Accessory

There’s two reason I recommend this. First is the cards, although have more adult content, they really leave it up to you to answer. A lot of dark games are crude for the sake of shock value. This is more your humour and your answers with more grown up prompts. It’s not really surprising you with something outrageous. A lot of games rely on shock value and because of that they tend to lose a bit of replay value.

Secondly, I like having this version because I like the regular version so much. It’s awesome to have a second set of cards with different prompts. This is a go to game for parties and great to be able to switch between versions.

Overall I love Anomia and now having two copies doubles the amount of play. If you love Anomia and want to play with an older crowd, there is no harm in having this version too.

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