Rubber Band Bracelet

It’s the time of year for friendship bracelets. Rubber band bracelets weren’t a thing when I was a kid, but I found a package at the dollar store, so I thought it would be worth a try. For this type of bracelet you can get a rainbow loom to make more intricate designs. For this example I will be using my fingers. If I were making multiple I would be probably make a device with a couple chopsticks or pencils.

These bracelets are extremely fast and cheap to make which is great. The elasticity of the rubber bands gives them a good stretch. I would worry about my cat finding one but despite that I see the appeal. Call me old fashioned but I’d still lean towards traditional embroidery floss bracelets.

You will need:

  • Rubber bands
  • “s” clip
  • Optional tool to pull the bands
  • Optional, chopsticks or pencils to use instead of fingers

To create this basic bracelet I started by sorting the bands by color in the order I wanted to use them. Once you have the bracelet started organizing with one hand could be tough.

The first rubber band is crossed

The first band crossed into a 8 figure over two fingers. The next two bands were put on top without crossing. I then pulled the first rubber band over the two on each finger.

Next I added another rubber band and pulled the band that was now at the bottom over top on both sides. This is all you need to keep doing.

Add two bands across
Pull the bottom one over on each side
Add a new band
Pull the bottom band over on both sides
After a few rounds it should start to take shape

When you bracelet is done, pull over the rubber bands until you have one left on your fingers and pull that through one side of the “s” clip. Then on the other end take the first band and pull the two ends over the empty side of the “s” clip. The bracelet is now complete. If you think your bracelet is too long you can take off the clip and remove rubber bands one at a time.

The ends are attached with the ā€œsā€ clip
Finished bracelet

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