Super fight is basically a debating game for a minimum of three players.  It’s a great party game for ages 8 and up.  Even if you are not playing in the round, it’s really entertaining to hear the arguments.

The game play is simple and similar to cards against humanity, with this being a bit more family friendly.  It has two types of cards: character cards(white cards) and attributes(black cards) 

There’s two players each round.  Players start by drawing three white cards and three black cards.  Each player chooses one white card and one black card to create a fighter.  They discard the remaining cards.  Both players reveal their fighter.  Then for a bit of a twist each player draws a random black card from the deck and adds that attribute to their fighter.

Some examples of the characters
Examples of some of the attributes

Once the fighters are established its time to start the fight.  This is the fun part, each player debates why their fighters should win.  This can get quite heated and take a while so you make want to set a time limit.  Once the arguing is done and everyone has made their case, the remaining players not playing in this round vote on a winner.  if theres a tie, each player picks a random white card and fights again, this time without an attribute.  The table votes again and hopefully you have a winner.  The player who wins earns one point and continues with the same fighter they’ve created to fight a new contender.

The rulebook has a couple different variations if you want to switch it up.  Usually when I play, once the round is over two new fighters play.  It just seems less repetitive that way and gives more people a chance to participate.  That’s the beauty of simple games, you can play around with the setup a bit without effecting the gameplay.

This is a great party game, it’s fun and energetic.  It’s easy to learn so anyone can walk into this one.  The combinations can range being goofy to a really strong contender.  So when you are picking your cards you want to think about how you want to approach the debate.    Also adding in that random attribute can really throw a wrench in the argument so there’s a little bit of surprise added.  In the end it’s more a creative exercise than a game and thats the charm of it.

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