Red Flags

Red Flags is a card game where you are trying to find the best date while adding red flags to the others. If you like Cards Against Humanity chances are you will like this one. There is not much to the game, just the two decks of cards. The perks cards aren’t all that interesting but once it’s paired with a red flag it is hilarious. As much as I love a good dating themed game, there isn’t a lot of replay ability. Only because seeing the same cards will lose some of the surprise humour. This is one where you might want to spread out your plays. Aside from that, it is a fun take on this type of game but nothing too innovative. If you are looking for a dating game or a girl’s night option this could be for you.

Red Flags was designed by Jack Dire and is published by Grim Rabbit Games. It is for 3 to 10 players ages 17 and up.


  • Red Flag Deck
  • Perks Deck

Set Up

Place the two decks on the table. Pick the first person to be the single. Have everyone else pick 4 white cards and 3 red flag cards.

How to Play

Use 2 of your perk cards to create the perfect date for the single. Players read out their perks to everyone at the table.

Perk card examples

After all the perks have been read, each player picks one of their red flag cards to place on the person on the lefts perks. Read these out as well. The single will need to pick the person they will date, red flag and all. The winning player gets a point and a new player will become the single.

Red flag examples

It doesn’t get a lot more straight forward than this. Red Flags does a lot of funny moments and a fun way to spice up a games night.

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